"We are born with smooth, soft, and pure looking skin. Over time, the sun, other elements, and the nature aging processes cause our skin to wrinkle, roughen, and discolor. I use the latest technology to stop and reverse the aging process leaving my clients with the beautyful skin they were born with." - Minh Le, M.D

Dr. Minh Le owns and operates Vienna Skin Clinic based in San Jose, California. His motto "Where Beauty Meets Affordability"™ is consistent with the beliefs of his existing pratice. Before opening Vienna Skin Clinic, Dr. Le proudly provided affordable healthcare to everyone. For a $25 per visit, patients can come see him for a medical visit. He has helped thousands of patients for the past decade that otherwise wouldn't recieve the medical attention they need due to financial circumstances

Dr. Le approaches skincare the same way. He believes that skin treatments should be affordable to everyone. From janitor to CEO, everyone can benefit from the skin treatments at Vienna Skin Clinic without breaking their bank account. Althought clients might notice that the treatment prices at Vienna Skin Clinic are about half of what other physicians are charging, In no way does Dr. Le compromise quality of care. With the addition of the breakthrough Sublative Rejuvenation, patients benefit from the dramatic results of a "facelift" without surgery. He chose to administer these treatment because they have statistically been proven to produce the most dramatic and most satisfactory results. Dr. Le does not believe in offering treatments that produce marginal results.

Treatments at Vienna Skin Clinic are administered in a private and relaxing clinical setting. His newest machine, the GentleMax Pro, is the Gold standard for gently but effectively reducing unwanted hair as well as addressing skin lesions, pigments, and nail fungus.

With his extensive medical background and training the results of his Botox, Dysport as well as Juvederm and Restylane Injections have produced extremely high satisfactory rates. The addition of the Popular Kybella® injection is the premiere choice for those wanting to rid of fat underneath the chin commonly referred as "double chin". Sculptra®, one of the most popular treatments for adding volume and fullness, is one of his main specialties. Numerous patients are drawn to Sculptra® as it subtracts years from one's appearence and results have been reported for over 2 years.

At Vienna Skin Clinic, every step is taken to ensure patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

You can also schedule a private complimentary consultation with Dr. Le or his team of providers during clinic hours.

Dr. Le received his Medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He has been in private practice for the past 15 years.

The Vienna Skin Clinic Team


Minh Le. M.D., Medical Director

Kiran Gill, RN

CamTu Ho, RN

Tina Nison Vo, RN

Amy Do, RN

Front Office Staff:

Linh Nguyen, Manager

Tiffany Le

Jenny Martinez

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